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Principles of Data Handling and Usage

The information collected from and generated by students and by the University units during their engagement in the Student Development Portfolio (SDP) system will be used:

  1. As part of the student records which will be adopted for the purposes relating to the students’ experiential learning and non-formal studies (e.g. printing of Report of Experiential Learning Activities) in accordance with the procedures of the University;

  2. As statistical, research and management materials for other central units of the University to facilitate necessary verification, operation and planning (e.g. conducting KPI exercise under the University Accountability Framework).  In this context, the personal identifiers of students will be removed.

All data recorded in the SDP system are in the custody of the University.  They will be kept in strict confidence and handled by appointed persons who are staff of the University.


Every measurement undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data stored are accurate, securely kept and used only for the above-mentioned purposes. 

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