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What is Report of Experiential Learning Activities?

The ELA Report is expected to demonstrate the specific knowledge/ skills acquired by the students through their involvement in the all-round activities. Through the use of the ELA Report, not only could the students have a better grasp of their progress amid the all-round development in order to make full use of their campus life, they are given a channel to present to interested parties the record of their experiential-learning achievements to supplement their academic results as shown on the academic transcripts.

As part of the services to help our graduating students on career preparation and further studies, upon the students' request, the University will issue one ELA Report, which includes both the UELA and SELA, free of charge to every student upon their graduation. At other times, all students can apply for copies of the official reports, and the printing of such extra reports would be charged at cost. There will be no restriction on the number of such requests. At the same time, an unofficial copy of the ELA Report, which adopts a different design and would not contain the seal of the University, could be generated from the system for printing by students themselves at any time.

Samples of the ELA Report are set out below:

friends of I·CARE_4.jpg



    Specimen (front page) 



    Specimen (back page) 

Official Copy
Official UELA_Front (2022).jpg
UELA_Official Specimen (BACK).jpg




SELA_Official Specimen.jpg

3. Unofficial Copy of UELA


4. Unofficial Copy of SELA 



Unofficial copy
UELA_Unofficial Specimen.jpg
SELA_Unofficial Specimen.jpg
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