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Application of I‧CARE Framework and Student Development Portfolio

  1. To categorise the diverse ELA offered by different units systematically into five areas

  2. To act as a roadmap for students on the experiential learning opportunities offered to them

  3. To guide students through their university experience and allow them to assess their personal development needs by assisting them in developing learning profiles and reflection on learning

  4. To present and review the all-round development of students in their university life through an organised structure, which can facilitate students to affirm their motive in participating in ELA, and hence better manage their ELA and benefit fully from a well-planned participation

  5. To record students’ ELA as a complement of their academic attainment through formal syllabus and registered courses, which is beneficial to their career development, further studies and other personal goals

  6. To provide records of ELA organised by different student support units and thus allow a systematic review of ELA on offered in the University

  7. To serve as a guide for Colleges, Faculties and other units in planning their focuses for experiential learning, making the best use of limited resources, and sharpening the objectives of the activities they offer

  8. To allow student support units to review their current stock of activities/ services based on the University’s mission and strategic plans, students’ developmental needs, societal concerns and available resources and hence maximise their impact in their offering of non-formal education

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