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Electronic System of Student Development Portfolio

The Student Development Portfolio (SDP) is a university-wide computer system for capturing and presenting students’ participation in the ELA systematically under the I‧CARE framework. Students could view and enrol for UELA in the SDP provided by different student support units in a systematic way. Besides, students' participation in activities organised by student bodies or external organisations could be recorded in the system as these activities are also deemed instrumental and form an integral part of non-formal education. Then, students will be able to create their own log of ELA, and produce the corresponding Report of Experiential Learning Activities (ELA Report) when necessary.

The SDP consists of four major functions:

Screenshot 2018-05-21 14.56.33.png

Overview of ELA

  • Experiential learning activities organised by the University which fulfill the stipulated criteria (UELA)

  • Experiential learning activities reported by students of their own accord, which cover those organised by the University out of the I‧CARE framework/ by external organisations/ by the student themselves (SELA)

Production of ELA Report

Enables students to present their development and achievement in an appropriate format and show their total experiential learning experiences

Use of on-line enrolment

The Organising Units can activate this function for students to enrol for UELA through the electronic system

Generation of statistics and reports

The Organising Units can produce relevant statistics and reports for better planning of future UELA and resource allocation

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